Dating antique oak dresser

Wear and Hardware Shadows - Inspecting Drawers for Clues to Age

Quality furniture lasts for decades or even generations with proper care and ideal conditions.

Antique Dressers & Vanities 1900-1950 eBay

You may come across old furniture handed down through your own family, or at a resale or antique shop.

A buyer's guide for an <i>antique</i> chest of drawers. Reindeer <i>Antiques</i>

How to Tell Who the Furniture Maker Is on Very Old Furniture Home.

The maker may seem a mystery at first, because the orinal owner or maker of the piece is not around to tell you about the furniture.

<b>Antique</b> <b>Dressers</b> & Vanities 1900-1950 eBay
A buyer's guide for an antique chest of drawers.

While many very old furniture pieces, whether handmade or manufactured, are not marked with the maker's name, in some cases there are telltale sns indicating both the age and orin of the piece.A buyer's guide for an antique chest of drawers. Reindeer Antiques

Dating antique oak dresser:

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